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Every person is a unique human being. No two people are the same. Throughout our lives each one of us has been, and will be, affected by a variety of factors from birth until death. Accordingly, through our development, we have been shaped as we are, the way we are. Moreover, each of us has our own reasons for acting the way we do in certain circumstances.​


Each of us has a different individual path. In addition, not until we have stumbled over the same stone over which somebody else has stumbled can we understand how that other person feels, and not until then can we judge that person’s behaviour.


Therefore, if you want to help someone, it is advisable to try to understand, to empathize, and, in a way, to try to love him. If you know the circumstances of this person’s conduct, if you know his soul, you know his essence. The soul of each one of us is exceptionally rich and valuable.


On our lifetime journey, each of us goes through times of distress. Sometimes it helps to have a conversation with a stranger and sometimes just to have someone to listen to us. Sometimes we miss the warmth of others, and sometimes we simply miss understanding or just a little piece of advice. Sometimes, in a given period of our life, we want only to ease our distress, so that we can continue our journey by ourselves. Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary to walk a part of the way alongside a trained person who can help us learn to cope with our problems alone, who can revitalize potentials in us, and strengthen us so that we can live to the fullest as we travel that path.

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